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New LJ Account! [22 Aug 2006|02:31pm]

hey guys!

I got a new account.
I was getting tired of this one and was ready for a change.
add me at osavethislife


E D I T:

Actually, I'm still gonna keep this account, but I won't be useing it as a graphic post anymore.  For graphics I'll be useing my new one which again is: osavethislife



Thanks Guys=]
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[22 Aug 2006|09:24am]
[ mood | amused ]

Hm'Kay, im not real proud of em, but here they are. Icons and banners.  Comment if u like and if u don't like. . . well, go away.

[001 - 011] An American Haunting
[012 - 014] Danielle and Kay Panabaker
[015 - 022] Ella Enchanted

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[12 Aug 2006|06:44pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I know. I'm a liar. I totally am.
ok, so not exactly.
i said i was gonna make a big update with mostly AAH banners and icons. . .
which i had every intention of doing.
well.  I'm an idiot.
 because i was organizeing my graphic files on my computer and i was
going to delete an old folder with a bunch of crap in it from like 2 months ago. . . and i totally delete the one entitled "AAH SPAM."  am i the loser or what? ugh. I'm just beyond pissed off right now.

All I have ledt are these icons which i saved in a different folder. im just. . . so sad right about now.

[001 - 015]
AnnaSophia Robb
[016 - 036] An American Haunting

S A M P L E:

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[10 Aug 2006|07:35pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

okay guys. I was in a real Peter Pan mood today. . . so obviously, i made icons. 
Next post is pretty much gonna be a huge spam of An American Haunting icons and banners cuznarnialovers [val lol=DDD  who is awsome] is makeing caps of the movie for me, and I've already been working on some others from trailer caps and promo stills and junk. So yea.

But for now its Peter Pan, so if your nice. . . comment me=DD
Oh, and don't be afraid to be specific.
If theres a certain Icon you like or don't like don't be afraid to point it out8DD
I can take criticism! lol

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[06 Aug 2006|06:56pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Well, Hi.  How is everybody?  Its been less than a day since I made my last post, but hey, its the summer, right?  All my friends are on vacation and left me to be seem like an over-eager computer nerd.  *sigh*  I guess thats life. You know, I can really simpethise with that Tibby girl from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants right now.  Awww well.  On a slightly happier note, I made some banners [i suck at banner makeing. lol that why I never do it. But I was in the mood today so . . .]  They're those "is love" kind, which I never tried makeing before.  But I thought it was a cute idea. [whoever it was who came up with it. lol] i didn't do the icon kind. . . but now that i think about it, maybe I should have! lol heh heh. next post'll be those [if I can get the hang of 'em] lol

Give me feedback please=DD

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[05 Aug 2006|06:55pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

lol I know this is a totally random post, and I didn't want to edit my last one cuz nobody reads the beginning anyway. . .

But. . .

For anyone who cares, Rachel Hurd-Wood's new movie "Perfume: the story of a muderer" has been Rated
R for aberrant behavior involving nudity, violence, sexuality, and disturbing images.

From IMDb.

I, for one, am rather sad.  i dont think my mom'll let me see it. [i know, im actually admitting that.]   But, then again, i did get away with seeing TROY.  so, you never know:]

heh. and guess who's not seeing "The Black Dahlia" either. me. yep. lol =DD

Support from friends would be greatly appreciated dureing this sad, sad hour.

and now that you feel all bad for me and everything. . .
could you help me to stop wallowing in my misery buy commenting my icons?? lol

I'm such the weasel:DD

[001 - 006] The parent Trap (1998)

[007 - 009] The Chronicles of Narnia
[010 - 017] Charlie and the Chocoloate Factory

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[04 Aug 2006|04:10pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Update!! YaY!  I can just here how ectstatic everyone is because I'm makeing a post! zomgsquee!

eh . heh . heh . heh .

well, I like this batch.

001 - 013 An American Haunting
014 - 018 Zoey 101

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[29 Jul 2006|06:19pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


[x]i just saw an american haunting with my brother.
[x]it was great:]
[x]i was so excited about it that i had to come home and make icons...
[with caps made by manisha who is awsome and i hope wont be too ticked off at me for stealing them....sry. i couldt help myself, lol]

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[29 Jul 2006|10:21am]
[ mood | dorky ]

[x]heyyy peoples.... i think this is the biggest post i've mede so farrr... lol is that sad or what?
[x]well, here we go.

[001 - 005] Peter Pan
[006 - 010] Pride && Prejudice
[011 - 020] X-men (various)

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[26 Jul 2006|10:48am]
[ mood | determined ]

[X]Because u guys all rock and are the best people in the entire world for commenting me. . .
[X]i was in a graphic makeing mood this morning! yay!

[001 - 013] Das Perfum
[014 - 017] Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking

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[24 Jul 2006|10:59am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

[x]a couple of Rachel banners... lol only one of them is in color, cuz black and white is basically all thats working for my computer right now.... [dont ask why.]
[x]anyway, comment, tell me whats good, what sux, to get a life, ect.
i wont be hurt.
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blah blah blah [23 Jun 2006|10:40am]
[ mood | blah ]

wow!  I'm makeing such a huge update! 
I mean look at ALL those great icons i'm posting! 
I mean, its just such a WIDE variety!  .... haha.  yeah.
comment my bad icons.  they suck. i know they do.

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