<3 You wanna get in mah world, get lost in it<3 (aligal101) wrote,
<3 You wanna get in mah world, get lost in it<3

Well, Hi.  How is everybody?  Its been less than a day since I made my last post, but hey, its the summer, right?  All my friends are on vacation and left me to be seem like an over-eager computer nerd.  *sigh*  I guess thats life. You know, I can really simpethise with that Tibby girl from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants right now.  Awww well.  On a slightly happier note, I made some banners [i suck at banner makeing. lol that why I never do it. But I was in the mood today so . . .]  They're those "is love" kind, which I never tried makeing before.  But I thought it was a cute idea. [whoever it was who came up with it. lol] i didn't do the icon kind. . . but now that i think about it, maybe I should have! lol heh heh. next post'll be those [if I can get the hang of 'em] lol

Give me feedback please=DD

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