<3 You wanna get in mah world, get lost in it<3 (aligal101) wrote,
<3 You wanna get in mah world, get lost in it<3

lol I know this is a totally random post, and I didn't want to edit my last one cuz nobody reads the beginning anyway. . .

But. . .

For anyone who cares, Rachel Hurd-Wood's new movie "Perfume: the story of a muderer" has been Rated
R for aberrant behavior involving nudity, violence, sexuality, and disturbing images.

From IMDb.

I, for one, am rather sad.  i dont think my mom'll let me see it. [i know, im actually admitting that.]   But, then again, i did get away with seeing TROY.  so, you never know:]

heh. and guess who's not seeing "The Black Dahlia" either. me. yep. lol =DD

Support from friends would be greatly appreciated dureing this sad, sad hour.

and now that you feel all bad for me and everything. . .
could you help me to stop wallowing in my misery buy commenting my icons?? lol

I'm such the weasel:DD

[001 - 006] The parent Trap (1998)

[007 - 009] The Chronicles of Narnia
[010 - 017] Charlie and the Chocoloate Factory

001 002   003 004
006 007 008 009

010 011 012 013

014 015 016 017
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