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__Just Keep on Waiting

Eventually the World Will Change...

<3 You wanna get in mah world, get lost in it<3

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The Self

I'm Alina. I'm 14. I have a mild case of OCD. I have Really ginormous feet. I like makeing graphics. Especially icons. I love the 18th and 19th centuries. Jane Austen was a genius. Period Piece Romances && Dramas are the Schmeck. I have an SN. if i trust you and want you to have it. . . I just might give it to you. But, if you a creepy psycho stalker who wants to rape me. . . i'd rather you didn't ask for it.

My Movies

Pride && Prejudice | What a Girl Wants | Anne of Green Gables | An American Haunting | School of Rock | Tuck Everlasting | Ella Enchanted | High School Musical | Two Weeks Notice | She's the Man | Daniel Deronda | Chronicles of Narnia | The Princess Bride | Middlemarch | Samantha: An American Girl Holiday | Felicity: An American Girl Adventure | Charlie and teh Chocolate Factory | Emma


AnnaSophia Robb | Anna Popplewell | Amanda Bynes | Keira Knightley | Reese Witherspoon | Rachel Hurd-Wood | Dakota Fanning | Georgie Henley | Emmy Rossum | Sandra Bullock


Hugh Dancy | Orlando Bloom | Colin Firth | James McAvoy | James D'Arcy | William Moseley |
Skandar Keynes | Johnny Depp | Josh Hartnett | Hugh Grant


James/Rachel | Willam/Anna | Georgie/James | Daniel/Gwendolyn | Betsy/Richard | Sam/Milner | Fred/Mary | Christine/Raoul | Leslie/Jess |